Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sara says: YUM!

So, I mentioned in a previous crochet frenzy post that I've started on some new projects for springtime.

One such project I am calling "Cupcake-a-Day".

I'm working up a different cupcake everyday with different fun yarns I've had sitting around for awhile. Some are bulky, some are wispy, and some are just plain damn difficult. The goal is to make enough to make a goodly-sized cupcake scarf a-la Twinkie Chan.

I won't flood your newsfeeds with cupcakes! This is just a progress report. I've finished 9 and I'm thinking 14 should be long enough.

Grab a glass of milk and take a looksee.

Here's all of 'em lined up scarfy-style.

The bottom one looks more like a mushroom, teehee. I like how they're all different looking; it gives me something to think about everyday! They're in order of when they were made.

My version is a bit different than Twinkie Chan's - the cupcakes aren't one solid piece, but I think it still works. It's fun anyways!

The next project is a matching hat! Also a-la Twinkie Chan.

Yummy. I swear I don't just sit around and play with string all day... :P

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