Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sara's Junktique Rainbow of Funtimes: BLUE

It's stormy around these parts. We've had a dozen tornadoes already this year and April is usually the roughest month. Blue seems appropriate for today. I hope the weather is alright where you are.

Trekkie or no, everyone should own a copy! Other illustrious publications include: Warmed by Love, Come Be with Me, We Are All Children Searching for Love, and The Splishy Warm Lappy Waves Makes Me Pee My Pants (or some somesuch).

Proud owner of an Olivetti Lettera 22. Clickclickclickityclick...

Gorgeous retro swag lamp and a vintage paint-by-number of sailing ships. Went to an estate that was FULL of them. A super fun thing to collect.

A shiny, lasery-etched, holographicy, blue and silver picture of an owl. I'm not sure about this one; it was my Granny's. I just know it's pretty and it's an owl and I love it.

A beautiful blue patterned hanky. The middle reminds me of a spider web.

A new generation Dream Pet! Her name is Mimi. You can meet Matilda and learn more about Dream Pets on the GREEN post.

Blue tins! Some Daher, some Brazilian, and a retro souvenir one from Hawaii. I'm seeing a lot of these "state" tin trays around in the junkin circuit. Some of them are pretty campy, but I think this one is beautiful.

Speaking of Hawaii, here we have a lovely handcrafted, stoneware mug. I love whales! This little bugger was kind of hard to photograph though, but it has a neat ombre blue-white color.

A Grecian-inspired tin and a plastic vintage button. It may be a little hard to make out the details unless you squint, but it's a ship! It has hence been turned into a pendant for a necklace.

And now I leave you with an excerpt of the brilliant Mr. Nimoy's poetry. *AHEM*

Are grey times

The overcast sky

Across the tops
Of wet stately pines
I look for the light
Of heaven's rays

Blocked by the
cold grey
of winter clouds

Until at last
thinning to fleece
the moist white
gives way


As it has always
The darkness lightens

Allowing me
to see through

To the first
of blue

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  1. It has come to my attention that I did not use any alliterative adjective fuckery... uhmmm... Bootylicious blues? Bountiful blues? Breezy blues? How's about just beautiful blues?