Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sara died and went to vintage heaven: ADVENTURES AT BLUE SUEDE SHOES ANTIQUE MALL

I took a brief sojourn over to Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall in Bryant, AR. Ohhh man, I had a ball! My spousal equivalent, Matthew, feared for my sanity. AND WE STILL DIDN'T SEE EVERYTHING. But I will definitely be back! The staff was so nice, too! If you're in/around the central Arkansas area- Blue Suede Shoes will not disappoint, but give yourself several hours to DIG! Needless to say, this one is picture heavy.

 Hilary, spokesmodel.

I had a lovely chat with Ms. Kathy, one of the sellers (excuse me, proprietress, as it states on her card. Fancy!) She has the best collection of enamel brooches I have ever seen and they are in mint condition. She had the grand fortune of buying from a renovator, I believe it was, that was constructing on a jewelry factory. These brooches have never seen the light of day until now!

 Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall is also home to the Hale Bros. Miniature Circus! Wheee!

 No, mini CTC here. But believe me, I can't wait to show you some amazing specimens I found!

Here's some of the goodies I picked up:

 Little deer pin.

 White, pearlized kitty pin.

 GORGEOUS, mint and black enamel flower brooch from Kathy's stash. Possibly my most favorite thing of the moment.

 Kitty pin, with purple bow and eyes.

 Unusual antique elephant and mahout pin.

 Little plastic swans hair pin.

 Vintage candy tin. I have two like it with different colors and scenes!

Matryoshka condiment set! EEEEEE! The one in the middle has a place for a wee-spoon and she opens up.

 Handsome stag. About 8' tall. I want to hang jewelry off of him!

 A blue embroidered hanky.

 This one I had to get, because it reminds me of Matt and his love for brown and plaid. Hah!

Blue Suede Shoes is definitely worth the drive! Just be prepared to make a day of it or you might miss something. However, my one downside is that I noticed a few (more than I've seen in one location, but this is a large place) of the sellers were offering "mammies"- which I find rather abhorrent and offensive. I, personally, will not buy from a booth with any sort of mammies or mammy caricatures. This is not a reflection upon Blue Suede Shoes, as a business, but a word to sellers. Yes, they have historical significance and blah blah blah, but so does Nazi paraphernalia. It has to be said because I feel that it's a scar on the antique and junkin community at large. Be bold. REFUSE TO PROFIT OFF OF SOMETHING THAT'S VILE. Again, this is not at all a reflection of the business establishment, but I challenge sellers to make ethical decisions. Those belong in a museum (so we don't forget), not your house. There. I said it and I'm done. 

Now for something completely different. The major plus is they have a fine, well-organized collection of vintage clothing and toys! The toys (cowboys and Star Wars, and comics... oh my!) ought to keep the men-folk entertained... at least for awhile. And they have a sizable record section. Overall, a wide range of vintage amazingness! 

Check out Blue Suede Shoes! Buy Kathy's brooches before I do!

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