Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sara's Junktique Rainbow of Funtimes: GREEN

Why, hello there and well met on a Tuesday! I hope you're having a lovely week. I am so far! Yesterday, I bought ALL the Harry Potter movies on sale. Had a fabulous lunch and dinner with my love, Matthew. Went and saw Gnomeo and Juliet at the dollar theater (and now they live under my sink!) Went to Blue Suede Shoes Antique Mall and found some jewelry and more bird things to hang on my wall... I hope no one with a genuine fear of birds ever comes in to my house. It wouldn't be pretty.

But anyways, a great day! Here's some gorgeous green finds to start of *this* hopefully just as awesome day!

My favorite enamel flower brooch ever! It's a beautiful mint green (which is a bit difficult to photograph).

Retro floral wall decor. Pretty dated, but I think they're fun! I think they work well and don't look too kitschy, don't you? There's four all together with different flowers (roses, holly, thistle, and whatsits).

Action shot! This wasn't too long after I moved in. That's my ferret's cage, Finnigan, in the corner and my velvet paintings to the left. :)

My ginormous metal peacocks. I would save these in a fire. Mine are in super good shape and big ones seem to be harder to find (there's a ton of wee ones on eBay).

Bloody hell, I think I found a new thing to collect. What we have here is a Dakin Dream Pet. Her name is Matilda. She is a new generation Dream Pet and the story of the company is somewhat interesting; basically they were the beanie babies of the 70's, imported from Japan. The company revamped them in 2004 and they are adorable. I want all of them! I managed to find one more Dream Pet and we will meet her tomorrow for BLUE!

Green tins! These are some of my favorites. There's a Brazilian brand that I collect also (besides Daher). The three on the left are Brazilian. 

A dated, but nifty and interesting, book on psychosexual behavor and a tin. I told y'all I was freaky...

One of my favorite vintage books that I've had since I was little. It has beautifully spooky illustrations in it. It's resting on a tin tray in the photos.

A green, floral vintage sheet that I'm using as a curtain. Oh, and my kitty.

Ms. Froggy the sponge holder. I may repurpose her to hold brooches I think.

"The House on Haunted Hill"- a vintage puzzle with all the pieces! Normally I pass on puzzles because I'm scared that they're missing bits, but this one was too fun to pass up. 

Last, but not least...

Ok, I don't actually own this little lady. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. LOOKIT HER HAND OMFG! I SWEAR I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT. SHE WAS JUST LIKE THAT! MY. NAME. ON. HER. HAND. IN. RED. *jibblies*

Stay Tuned For: BLUE!

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  1. OMG dream pets! I friggin' love those things. That minty brooch is gorgeous. Huzzah Rainbow of Funtimes!