Monday, April 18, 2011

Sara's Junktique Rainbow of Funtimes: YELLOW

Hello! Happy Passover/Holy Week/Easter/Spring Times/Beltane/Whatever it is it's happy times! Let's celebrate with some yummy yellow* vintage treasures!

*I also have a thing for brass recently, so I'm gonna call it yellow because I can.

Mr. Owl the resin?acrylic? napkin holder! I got him from an estate FILLED with owls. It was magical!

An Anchor Hocking Snack Set with a wheat motif. I'm missing one cup! It's so annoying! But it gives me something specific to hunt for, LOL.

Not a great picture, but I just wanted to show you the box! I think orignal packaging is so fun, even if it's not super-valuable.

 A giant kitchen tin/bread box/canister set in one! One of my all time favorite things.

A glorious, sparkly peacock wall hanging. Came as a set with a heron, but I wasn't jazzed about it and passed it up. In hindsight, the price was so good ($12/each), I probably should have snatched him up. Ahhh well. Anyways, for the life of me I can't remember what this is called and upon Googling it I got distracted by too many other pretty things that popped up. It's basically a glue/sew by number and was apparently quite the craft to do in the 70's. Way better than macrame, don't you think?

A wee hanger next to my peacock. Isn't she sweet?! Found at Saver's.

This is from an estate with a house full of bee decor. I love houses like that- where the person was clearly a collector and there's a theme throughout. And I love bees. I have a tattoo of a bee! I felt very at home with all the bee things, so I had to snatch up a bee! Places like that make me wonder what the story behind it is. What did bees mean to her?
Mousey ring holder! I've seen kitties, but never a mouse. He might actually be something else entirely, but I'm using him as a ring holder. :P

One of my favorite paintings from another amazing estate. The house belonged to an artist and creative energy was practically dripping from the walls. Even the frame is beautiful. Picture is as tiny as it looks too. Probably around 6"x6"ish.

Brass unicorn clip. It's got a spring in the back and he holds your paper for you! I kind of wish he mounted on the wall, but that's ok! UNICORNS! EEEEEE!

Stag door hanger. Love this piece so much!

A tin with a little homemaker scene and a besequined sparkle-fruit. I have a collection of sparkle-fruits I got at an estate sale (see RED for the cherries!). The sequins were lovingly, painstakingly applied to some wax fruit with straight pins.

There's this one time, I was at a consignment shop and they had a brass banana that said "TOP BANANA" cornily on it. I didn't get it because... it's a brass banana. But I always remember it and maybe I should have... That started my love for brass-ware. LOL. Anyways, that about does it for YELLOW. Have a great day!

Stay Tuned For: GREEN!

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  1. Once again you made me laugh. I love the stuff you buy, probably because I grew up in the 60's-70's and recognize practically everything.

    Thought I would let you know that I have started coupon-ing. Highly addictive and I recommend it. Today I saved $36 at Target!