Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sara's Junktique Rainbow of Funtimes: INDIGO & VIOLET

Now, to stay true to the spirit of things, I wanted to distinguish between indigo (the bastard, oft-forgotten color of the rainbow) and violet. Indigo is more of a bluey-purple and violet is more of a reddish-purple. Considering that purple is a combination of red and blue... blah blah blah blah... Here's a helpful graphic!
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On to the goodies!

 A floral tin tray. Remarkably, the only tin of the purple persuasion that I have!

Officially, this is cobalt, but I'm gonna call it indigo dammit. Japanese china set featuring a pattern of peacocks and herons. Pretty common, but beautiful. And yes, I colorize my books, too.


A fun, handmade, and reversible apron I acquired at an estate sale; from the same person who lovingly besequined the sparkle-fruits featured in RED and YELLOW.

A conglomerate of grape sparkle-fruit, a tin with a snowy scene, a white/opalescent kitty pin, and a gold kitty pin with purple accents.

I can't believe it's almost over! But fear not! I have a special-surprise-bonus color tomorrow! Can anyone guess what it is? 

Hope you have a great day. Now go forth and share thy new-found learnings of the distinct and awesome variations of purple. It'll be sure to raise a disbelieving eyebrow among some men-folk for sure. ;)


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